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“It’s a surprise, I’ll know by closing. Otherwise pick me up from home, and Mini-Golf it is.” Sookie grinned at the Nordic god in front of her. Her body was humming with excitement, especially when his answering grin added that sexy gleam to his eye.

“Should I buy milk so that we may have coffee at your place after? To discuss the events of our mysterious date of course.” Jan was not holding back on the sex appeal. The hunger in his eyes told Sookie exactly how little coffee they would be drinking.

“Umm, yeah.” Sookie had to stop herself from panting, but she couldn’t stop her pussy from clenching. It was eager. Last week after their first date, the two of them had made out in the front of his car like horny teenagers. Although Sookie had never been with a horny teenager with a package as big as Jan’s, and her pussy had never been dry humped into an explosive orgasm in under 5 minutes.

Jan winked at her and left, taking his morning usual with him, one triple espresso and one croissant. Sookie waited a moment until she knew he was out of sight before fanning herself. Despite the stellar makeout session, and her subsequent cold feet, Jan had been the epitome of respect while he was at her business. The naughty texts they had been sharing since last Friday night could most definitely set fire to a Harlequin novel.

Sookie allowed herself a little squeal of excitement before getting stuck into work. She was glad that Jan had been there when she’d opened up her Café, it’d given them a brief few minutes to flirt unreservedly without being observed. As much as she was the boss, Sookie had never believed in double standards, and she appreciated Jan supporting her choice to remain completely respectful in front of her Staff and customers.


Towards the end of the lunch rush, Sookie calmly walked into her office. Hopefully she had just landed a major ongoing new client for the catering side of her business. She wanted to shut the office door and do a happy dance, but she was too eager to keep an eye out for her Nordic Sex God. He always came in either just after the lunch rush, or just before closing to get his afternoon Chai Latte and Banana Muffin. Instead she stood in front of her desk and did a little mental cartwheel. There was no need to be doing aerobics right now. Sookie was sure she would get a full workout later with Jan. And this time she wouldn’t run scared.

Sookie Stackhouse called her grandfather to see if he had been able to get her the tickets to the Twilight Zone special screening season at the local art-house theatre. It was being done as a charity event to raise much needed funds to restore the historical building. Sookie had seen Jan eyeing the poster for the event every morning and afternoon for the last 3 months. He’d mentioned that he had tried to get tickets, and after Sookie’s wonderful date with him the week before, she’d called Grandfather Brigant to see if he could pull some strings.

Sookie kept an eye out for Jan the entire time she was on the phone with her grandfather. She’d almost squealed in excitement when he’d told her the tickets would be couriered to her. Then she’d gone red with embarrassment when her grandfather had insisted on telling her childhood stories about the CEO Sookie had just handed her catering card to. Honestly, Sookie wasn’t sure she was going to be able to hold back the blush if she got called to a proposal meeting with the CEO of Altron Enterprises. Unfortunately, her grandfather had so helpfully painted the picture of the CEO as a 2yr old constantly running free from his parents with his generous sized privates dangling in the wind.

Sookie got off the phone, slightly glad that Jan had not appeared yet. Hopefully this meant he wouldn’t turn up until closing, seeing as it was well past the lunch rush now, and Sookie would have time to get the amusing, but very embarrassing image out of her head before she saw him.


Sookie was just about to close up when Jan walked in the door. This afternoon he was in his normal relaxed afternoon wear, a two piece suit with the jacket open, the top button of his shirt undone, and no tie. Today it was a medium-grey / slightly blue suit with a white shirt. And it would look perfect with the blue flirty dress she had out back ready to put on.

“Hey” Sookie caught Jan’s attention the second he came in the door. She was excited to be able to reveal her surprise for their date.

“Hi yourself Sookie.”  Hmm, that smile. Sookie knew that eventually she was going to have to call him by his name, but to cover her odd embarrassment over not being able to call her Norse god by a girls name, Sookie got started in preparing the Chai Latte for him.

“I’ve noticed you eyeing the poster for the Art-House charity event.”

Jan laughed. “Yes, it is something that takes me back to my childhood. I just wished I had been able to get tickets.”

Sookie unlocked the overnight cashbox and took out the envelope she had left there earlier. Setting Jan’s Latte down on the bench with one hand, Sookie handed him the envelope with the other.

“Well, I thought I would surprise you. Maybe you would consent to being my date for tonight’s screening? And, if you’d like, we could go to the rest of the season together. Of course that is if you survive my company tonight.” Sookie let herself grin like the Cheshire cat. Jan seemed gratifyingly eager.

“I have to say Sookie, you have definitely managed to surprise me. I would be honoured to be your date tonight, and to as many nights of the season as you will have me.”

Sookie laughed. “Well I don’t think that’ll be a problem. It starts in an hour, but we can walk from here. I already have my dress out back, and..” taking her eyes from Jan’s mesmerizingly happy blue ones, Sookie looked under the counter. “Ah there it is. I bought you a tie, so we can match, without being too matchy matchy.”

Sookie handed the small couture box to Jan, whose eyes widened at the gesture. For a moment Sookie panicked that she had gone too far. Jan opened the box to look at the blue tie inside, carefully pulling it out and running it over her fingers.

“This is very generous Sookie. Yet I have nothing to give you in return.”

“Please…” Sookie almost growled at herself. She really had to get over herself and call him by his name.  This was getting ridiculous.

“I really don’t want anything in return. None of my friends are Twilight Zone fans, and the only reason I didn’t already have tickets, is that I didn’t want to go by myself.” Sookie pointed at the tickets and tie.

“These are just me saying thankyou for being as big a fan as I am! Your gift to me will be your company.”

Jan laughed. “That is incredibly corny Sookie, but who am I to reject the companionship of a beautiful, witty and charming young woman? Thankyou.” Jan nodded with solemnity, and Sookie felt herself blush at his complements. “Now when will we need to leave? You still need to change?”

“Oh, you’re welcome. And if we start walking in about 40 minutes we’ll have plenty of time to get there. It will only take me just under 30 minutes to shower and be ready.”

“Then I have plenty of time to go back to the office and put a clean shirt on.” Jan walked around to the side of the counter and took her hand in his. Bowing his head over Sookie’s hand, Jan very gently brushed the back of her hand with his lips.

“Until then, milady.” Jan’s eyes lifted to meet hers while his whole body was still bent over her wrist.

Sookie’s pussy clenched again at the heat in them. And there was no hiding how fast and shallow her breath had just gotten at Jan’s gallant gesture.

“Soon.” She whispered. And both of them knew it wasn’t just about the time they would be apart while getting ready. And Sookie’s pussy was very aware of exactly what that promise meant, and it was doing cartwheels.

After getting dressed, Sookie made sure she was completely prepared. The phones had been transferred to her manager Andrea’s number. Sookie put her phone on her special ‘Andrea only’ profile. There was no way this night was going to be interrupted, but for life or business threatening emergencies.


Three Twilight Zone episodes later. Jan and Sookie were walking out and deciding what things the little blue men had hidden or moved on them in the last three weeks. Both agreed it was one of their favorite episodes and bemoaned the fact that it was not available on the DVD set.

The whole time they had been in the theatre they had been holding hands or leaning against one another. Walking to the nearby late night café found them holding hands again, their fingers gently moving and caressing. Sookie felt every caress somewhere a lot less public, and after sitting down in a booth and placing their order, she moved in.

Sookie realized she had surprised Jan with the kiss, but soon his soft lips were moving skilfully over hers. When Jan’s tongue sought permission, Sookie eagerly opened her mouth wider, pressing her body as close to Jan’s as she could get. When Jan’s hand wandered up her thigh she didn’t move away.  Jan looked into her eyes as his hand reached the top of the inside of her thigh, Sookie scooted her leg over his, wrapped one hand in the back of his hair and reached down to rub the bulge in his pants with her other hand. Sookie tried not to moan in to their passionate kiss as Jans fingers traced the lace edge of her cheeky boy shorts, brushing the edge of her clit.

Sookie was very happy with her choice of underwear. The boy shorts were little more than a G-String where it mattered, and Jan was taking full advantage of the access he had to the lips of her now slightly damp pussy.

Jan pulled his lips from Sookie’s again, but he did not stop his fingers from their voyage, only now he followed the string up to the start of the lace, dipping his fingers underneath to ever so lightly run his finger of her clit.

“Are you really thirsty for coffee Sookie, or would you like to come to my place.” Sookie was maddened by the soft touches on her clit. She had planned on more anyway but now..

“I thought we could actually go up into my place tonight.”

“My place is a 2 minute walk away and my brother has plans that will keep him out all night.”

Sookie pretended to ponder as Jan continued teasing her clit. “Hmm, 2 minute walk, 10 minute cab. Your place it is.”

By the time the two love birds got to Jan’s house Sookie was almost self-combusting with anticipation.

Jan hung up his keys and swore. “My brother is home, are you still ok with us being here?” Jan picked her up and Sookie wrapped her legs around his waist automatically. When he pressed Sookie against the wall, he let her slip just a little and then pressed into her and then started to rock his hips.

“Oh shit, you are so good at that!” If he kept going, Sookie knew she was going to have another dry-humping orgasm with this man. “What were you saying, god your cock feels so good.”

Jan laughed a low chuckle that Sookie felt reverberate not just through his chest, but also through his cock, and into her clit. She couldn’t help the moan that escaped.

“Sookie, I live one side of the house, my brother is at home in the other side. Are you sure you want to stay here?”

Panting, Sookie made herself focus. “Umm, will he hear us?”

“Only if you scream loud.”

“Then can we please continue this against your bedroom wall, I’m so close.”

Sookie was vaguely aware of movement, but not too much, Jan’s lips were back on hers and he was kissing her in a way that was making her forget her name. A door slammed shut and then Sookie felt that magnificent bulge rubbing against her needy little clit again as she was pushed against a wall.  In no time Sookie screamed with her first orgasm for the night.

Now she wanted cock, she knew he was big and had put an extra-large condom in her purse, just in case. Jan was lifting her from the wall when Sookie spoke.

“Please, I need your cock now.” Sookie got the condom out of her bag and reached between them. Jan growled and attacked her neck while holding her hips in place and moving slightly back to give Sookie room to unzip him and put the condom on.

Lining his cock up, after moving the string to the side, Sookie pulled Jan’s head back to look into her eyes.

“Don’t go slow.”

“I don’t want to hurt you Sookie.”

“I’ve been dreaming about this big cock fucking me all week. I’m wet, I’m ready. Fuck me hard. We can do slow later.”

Sookie saw Jan’s eyes turn to fire, just as she’d intended. He pushed just the head into her pussy, and then he rammed his cock all the way home.

“Aaarghh! Fuck!”

“You want that again Sookie?”

“Fuck Yes, please!”

Jan did not disappoint her. The only pauses he took from ramming his cock into her, was when the string of her underwear got in the way. The second time, he promised to buy her another and snapped the string.

Every hard thrust had Sookie banging up against the wall, but she didn’t care. And when she was close to another orgasm, Jan lifted her legs from his waist balancing her knees on his elbows. With her legs wider, her back slightly curved, Jan thrust his cock hard into Sookie’s pussy.

“FUCK!” Sookie screamed. Jan sped up, his cock hitting that perfect spot every time before ramming itself deep into her.

Soon Sookie was shouting out her orgasm, and Jan was not long behind.

The aftermath found Sookie with her legs wrapped around Jan’s waist again, while his hands curved under and supported her arse. Jan was panting just as heavily as Sookie, his forehead pressed against the wall and his breath warming the skin above Sookie’s temple.

“Wow.” That was all Sookie could manage. She was actually proud of herself for being able to speak at all.

Jan chuckled and lifted her off the wall. Sookie gripped around his shoulders as he took her to the huge bed.

“You probably wouldn’t have been very comfortable on my bed.” Sookie giggled just as Jan leant over, placing her back on the bed then kissing her.

“Hmm, you look good on my bed Sookie.” Jan kissed Sookie softly. “Don’t move Beautiful, I’ll be right back.

As Jan walked off, he stripped his tie and jacket, throwing them on the chair in the corner.

Sookie plopped her head back and groaned. Geez Louise, the muscles in Sookie’s lower back ached wonderfully already, and the night had only just begun. Talk about not needing that aerobics exercise earlier.

Sookie lifted her head as she heard Jan walk back in from the bathroom. Over one arm, Jan had his trousers and shirt draped. In the other he was holding a wash cloth and lined paper basket.

Sookies pussy pulsed again. Jan was only wearing boxer shorts. Sookie was mesmerized by all of the naked skin rippling over muscles as Jan bent to put his clothes over the chair.

“I thought that I should bring this in.” Jan waved the basket toward Sookie. “It will save a walk to get rid of the condoms.”

“That’s a little presumptuous don’t you think Mr Northman?”

“Do you wish to sleep Miss Stackhouse?” Jan stepped forward and wiped Sookie’s pussy with the warm cloth, then draped it over the basket.

Then Jan knelt on the floor and pulled Sookie’s legs over his shoulders.

“Hmm. Sleepy… Got a plan to keep me awake Mr Northman?”

Jan leant into her pussy licking from the lips all the way to Sookie’s clit. “Why won’t you say my full name Sookie?” Jan flicked Sookie’s clit with his tongue.

“Arngh, I’m saving it for a special occasion.” Sookie knew she should just say his name, but thinking was difficult, let alone battling her irrational aversion.

“Like for when I make you scream?” Jan licked her pussy lips again, kissing and nibbling his way up to her clit.

“Ah, yes.” Sookie moaned as Jan inserted a finger while her sucked on her clit.

“I guess I have a goal.”

For the next few hours Sookie slowly lost the ability to think. By the time she passed out, the only words that were going through her brain were ‘Oh God, Oh God, Oh God, Fuck, More, and God don’t stop’.


When Sookie woke up she was draped across Jan. He must have known that she was awake.  “Good morning Miss Stackhouse.”

“Mmm, good morning Mr Northman.”

“It seems I didn’t work hard enough to earn my full name. I was going to surprise you with breakfast in bed, and see if that would work.”

Jan stroked the side of her face.  Sookie reached up and gently touched her lips to his.

“You don’t have to do that, but I would like a shower. Maybe we could cook breakfast together today, and next week after our next date you can surprise me?”

“Hmm, well it won’t be a surprise now that you already know. Does this mean you have decided to have another date with me?”

“Mr Northman, I would be honoured.” With that she reached up and kissed him gently.

“Use my bathroom Sookie. I’ll use the guest bathroom. Feel free to use any of my shirts, and I’ll meet you in the kitchen.” Jan chuckled, “we probably won’t see my brother this early on a Saturday morning.”

Jan got up and got a pair of his drawstring gym shorts.

“These will probably swim on you, but at least you can tighten them.”

Sookie knelt up on the bed and kissed Jan with every bit of passion he had drawn out of her last night. “I’ll see you in the kitchen Mr Northman.”

Jan chuckled. “So you will.”

While Sookie was in the shower, she couldn’t stop thinking of Jan. Their first date bowling had been fun. Simple. It had been nice to go out without battling smokers and people who had drunk too much. Definitely a pleasant change. The lack of alcohol hadn’t inhibited their ability to flirt and tease each other. It wasn’t really a surprise that their makeout session had been so explosive.

And just one week later their visit to the cinema had involved barely touching each other, and yet Sookie had jumped on him the first chance she had.

Sookie realized that they had many things in common, and they fit so well together. Not just sexually. Jan was an amazing man. So what if his name was Jan? He was a sweet, funny, caring, Nordic Sex God.. And the last eight months and two dates had proven to Sookie that they were perfectly matched, both in and out of the bedroom. Heck, their first date had lasted six hours, and Sookie had only cut it short because of a stupid moment of prudery, and the fact that she had to be at the café to open in 3 hours.  Sookie finally got over whatever mental block she’d had about Jan’s name by the time she was finished in the shower.

Getting out of the Shower, Sookie found a silk robe on the bed, along with a drawstring pair of satin boxers. The robe was obviously meant to be fairly short on someone as tall as Jan, but on Sookie it hung past her knees, and the short sleeves came almost down to her elbows.

Sookie felt a lot more comfortable with herself when she made it to the kitchen and saw a freshly showered Jan standing at the bench chopping bacon in a pair of boxers. She went up to him, leaned against his back and wrapped her arms around his front.

“I thought we were going to be making breakfast together Jan.”

Jan stiffened and placed the knife on the cutting board before turning around. “Sookie.” He sounded surprised as he gently pushed her to arm’s length.

“I know. I finally used your name.” Sookie giggled and then took a closer look at his face. He seemed confused, and concerned. Sookie was still looking at his face when he looked towards the approaching footsteps.

“Jan, I guess you have already met Sookie. I thought you would still be in bed.”

Sookie gasped when she heard the voice of the new person in the kitchen. Jan’s voice.

“What?” Looking between the two men in the kitchen, Sookie had no idea what to do. Twins.

“I guess you got that surprise organised for our date last night then?” Jan asked Sookie.

“I, but..”

“And now I know why you stood me up.” He smiled slightly.

“What?” Sookie covered her mouth in shock. “Oh my god!” Jan reached down and took her hand.

The ‘new’ twin walked up to them both. “And now I know why you never called my name out last night.” He lightly brushed Sookie’s arm with his fingers. “But why didn’t you call out Jan’s?”

Sookie was mortified. “Oh god, I’m so sorry.” She took her hand from Jan and covered her face with them both. Embarrassed was not a big enough word to use for how she felt.

“It was so silly. It just felt weird, you’re so gorgeous, and Jan is usually a girl’s name.”

Jan placed his hand on her arm again and leaned in to whisper in her ear. “I think I proved to you last week that I am most definitely not a girl. And from the screaming you made last night, Eric most definitely proved himself to be male.”

“Oh my god.” Sookie wanted the floor to open up. “I.. Oh God.” She had no idea what to do, or say. She felt completely mortified.

When Jan took a step forward and wrapped her in his arms Sookie didn’t resist. She couldn’t think.

“Well,” Eric said, his hand softly brushing Sookie hair as Jan held her close. “This has to be the first time we have accidentally dated the same girl.”

Jan kissed the top of Sookie’s head. “Hmm, you meet her at the coffee shop?”

“Every afternoon.” Eric replied. He was a little concerned about Sookie, she was shaking. He leant down and whispered in Sookie’s ear as he continued to stroke her hair. “Shhh Sookie, it’s ok Beautiful. Shh.”

Eric leaned his forehead to Sookie’s temple until she had stopped shaking. When he stood back up, she was breathing deeply, obviously trying to calm herself.

Continuing to stroke her hair, Eric asked Jan “Is this the girl you have been seeing every weekday and wanting to ask on a date for so long?”

“Ahh brother, at least I got the courage to ask last week.” Jan directed a challenging look at Eric.

Eric rolled his eyes. It was true. They had both been talking vaguely to each other about meeting a girl. Girls they were both so serious about that they didn’t want to do the ‘meet the family’ thing until the relationship was a little more solid. They’d started to date too many girls that got stars in their eyes the second they realized the boys were twins, and rich. What could be better than one rich boyfriend than two, right?

It was true that the twins had definitely used the ‘twins’ pickup line on many occasions during college. They had even dated the same girl three times, but it wasn’t something that they wanted their prospective girlfriends to expect. So far, the three way relationships hadn’t worked out. The girl was always more interested in one twin than the other, leaving the second twin to feel like a third wheel with his own girlfriend.

This time it would seem Sookie had been attracted to both of them. Spending months getting to know them both, even though she thought she was only getting to know one guy. Eric and Jan were very similar, not just in looks. They had the same philosophy about almost everything, liked nearly all the same movies and music. It was easy to understand how Sookie hadn’t picked up on the fact that she was meeting two different men.

Jan and Eric looked at each other. From the little they had told each other, they knew they were both serious about this girl. The fact that neither of them could step away from her, and they were both making soothing noises and stroking her to her calm her down, was a big sign too. It seemed neither of them could ignore Sookie’s distress.

“Sookie, calm down sweetheart” Jan said kissing the top of her head.

Eric stepped to the side, leaning against his brother and his lover. “Sookie, it’s alright Beautiful. We are not upset.”

Finally Sookie opened her eyes and looked into Eric’s crystal clear blue ones.

“How can you not be upset? Last night we….. And I…  the whole time I thought you were”

“Me.” Eric interrupted. “You thought I was the guy that has been subtly flirting with, and getting to know you every afternoon, Monday to Friday, for the last few months.”

“The gym question.” Jan stated, seemingly from nowhere. Sookie looked up at him and nodded. Jan bought his hand up to brush the side of her face. “Sweetheart, I’m so sorry. I was wondering why you wanted to know if I went to the Gym every day at lunch. I thought it strange that you would mention that you always changed into different clothes after gym TOO, when I hadn’t mentioned whether I did or not.”

Sookie buried her face into Jan’s chest. “I’m such a fool.”

Eric looked at Jan and held his arms out. His need to clear up this misunderstanding between him and his lover was an ache in his chest.

Jan kissed the top of Sookie’s head, and released his hold on Sookie. Holding her in his arms while she was upset had felt, comforting to himself somehow. As Eric gently wrapped his arms around Sookie Jan felt the loss of her warmth against his chest. He took a deep breath and watched Sookie melt into Eric, just as all the tension in Eric relaxed. Needing the contact, he started to brush Sookie’s hair gently with his fingers, just as Jan had done.

“I’m such an idiot.” Sookie muttered into Eric’s chest.

“No beautiful girl. It was a mistake. Usually Jan and I talk about the girls we meet. This time however, we both met an amazing girl that seemed too perfect to be real. Neither of us wanted to jinx things so, we kept the information to a minimum.” Eric leaned back a little and gently lifted Sookie’s face.

“Sookie, last night was wonderful. I don’t want to lose you Beautiful.” Then he leaned down to kiss her softly. His kiss lingered his lips moving gently until they both needed to breathe.

When Jan leant against his side, leaning into Sookie, Eric removed his hand from under Sookie chin so that Jan could softly turn her face towards him. Eric kept his other arm wrapped around Sookie’s back, pulling her a little more firmly against his body. He draped his free arm around his brother’s shoulders and watched Sookie face.

Eric knew that this would be the moment. How she would react to whatever Jan was about to say, and the kiss he was going to give her, was going to change everything. Every fibre of Eric’s being told him that Sookie was the perfect woman for him. But he had seen the look on Jan’s face as he was comforting Sookie earlier. Eric knew that his brother was in just as deep with Sookie as he was. There was no way he could be with Sookie if she did not also accept Jan. Eric knew it would rip his brother apart if he were to do that. So it just wasn’t possible.

There was always a risk going into something like this. But the twins had vowed that they would never let a girl come between them. There were always more girls out there. But he really hoped that Sookie would consent to being theirs.

Sookie was feeling a little dizzy after the kiss that Eric had laid on her. She was still panting and staring into his beautiful soft eyes, finally starting to accept that he meant every word, when she felt the weight of Jan’s body press against them. She was still staring into Eric’s eyes as her face was slowly turned. Then she was staring into Jan’s beautiful blue eyes.

“Sweetheart, our first date was the best I have had in a long time. I have not felt so comfortable just being myself with a woman in too long to remember. I was looking forward to last night.” Jan’s hand started to gently wrap around the side of Sookie’s face. His hand was so soft, and sure. Perfect.

“Please Sookie. I don’t want that to be our only date. I don’t want to lose you when I just found you Sweetheart.” Then Jan’s lips were on Sookie’s, moving gently but still most definitely controlling the kiss. When he tilted his head and pressed lightly on the back of her head, Sookie parted her lips and he deepened the kiss. It was still slow, so painfully slow. Sookie felt Jan’s fingers massaging the back of her scalp, while his other thumb brushed back and forth on her cheek.

Sookie also felt her other cheek being gently caressed as Eric’s hand moved from her back to her arse and up again. Each pass down had Eric squeezing her arse a little.

When Jan broke the kiss, he leaned his forehead against hers as they panted. Sookie revelled in his sure touch on the side of her face and the back of her head, as he continued to stroke her. She wasn’t sure what to think about Eric’s hand that was continuing its journey up and down her back, minus the squeeze now. Did she miss the squeeze?

Trying to make her brain work, Sookie realised that both twins had just asked her to be with them. Together? The arse squeeze kinda suggested that. But,

“Sookie” Jan got her attention again. “You are thinking too hard Sweetheart. Nothing will happen that you do not want. We will do this however you feel most comfortable. As Eric said before, we have never accidentally dated the same girl, but you fell into both of our lives and bowled us over. It has been a while since we have dated the same girl, but we will do it for you.”

Eric bought his hand back from around Jan as his brother moved back a little, allowing Eric to get Sookie’s attention again.

As Sookie felt Eric’s hand turn her face towards him, she felt Jan’s hand move from the back of her head to mirror Eric’s track down her back to her arse and back again. She felt Jan’s head nudge the side of her neck, his forehead pushing away her hair just before his nose and then his mouth started their trail up and down her neck. Sookie also noticed that both large hands were adding a small squeeze as they got to her arse.

“Sookie.” The low voice was a command for attention and it went straight to her pussy. She moaned. Sookie heard a chuckle before her name was repeated.

“Look at me.” At the command, Sookie opened eyes she didn’t know were closed. Jan was lightly nibbling up and down her neck, and both of their hands were alternating the arse squeeze. Sookie was fast approaching the point of need.  Her pussy was practically purring with all the affection, but when Sookie’s eyes locked onto the heat in Eric’s, she was pretty sure her pussy wept at the intensity in them. The promise.

“You have us both Sookie, but you need to know we are a package deal. We both care about you too much to allow you to choose one of us over the other.” Sookie felt Eric’s other hand wrap around the side of her face, his thumb lazily grazing back and forth along her bottom lip. ”We are yours if you will have us Sookie. We will find a way for you to spend equal time with us both. And I believe I speak for us both when I make the promise that we will both take care of you at all times, in and out of the bedroom.” Sookie felt Jan groan just before he lightly dragged his teeth up her neck to start chewing lightly on her ear.

As Jan whispered in her ear, Sookie’s eyes did not move from the lock they had on the heat she could see in Eric’s eyes. “And I think it would be fair to promise for us both, that we are more than happy to bring you pleasure individually, or together.”

Sookie saw the heat ignite in Eric’s eyes just before his mouth claimed hers for a passionate kiss.

They definitely meant together, Sookie thought as she melted into Eric’s kiss. With Eric’s hands claiming the back of her head and one arse cheek, and her other arse cheek being claimed by Jan, Sookie knew that it was Jan that was reaching between Eric and Sookie to untie the robe.  It was also Jan’s hand that claimed her breast.  Squeezing, kneading. When he finally worked his fingers to her nipple and pinched lightly, Sookie moaned and had to break away from her kiss with Eric to breathe.

Panting, Sookie felt Eric’s lips move down her throat, her chest, until they claimed her other nipple.

“Oh God!”  Sookie cried out, wondering if she was really going to do this. Was she really going to not just date the two wonderful men, but have sex with them…  At the same freaking time?

“Sookie!”  Sookie wondered briefly if her pussy would ever stop clenching at the sound of their commanding voice, she hoped not. She turned her head toward Jan, knowing that that was what he was wanting, and then, yet again her lips were claimed in another commanding kiss that she moaned into.

Being aware that Jan’s hands were on her breast and arse, while Eric’s hand was still on her arse as his mouth teased and mouthed and sucked her nipple, Sookie was on slight overload with the passion of Jan’s kiss. It took a few moments to realize that Erics spare hand was tracing a path between her breasts and down over her ribs, her stomach, untying her boxers.

Jan moved behind her helping her ease the robe off and lean her back against his chest, just as the boxers fell to the floor and Eric’s hand started it journey of discovery to the junction of her thighs.

Eric had moved his hand from her arse to claim the breast he was working with his mouth. Jan lifted her opposite arm up to wrap around his head as he leaned down to continue kissing her, running his hand down her arm to reclaim her breast. Eric’s fingers traced the lips of her pussy, teasingly not touching her clit.

When Eric’s mouth travelled down her stomach to meet the hand that was starting to work her pussy into a weepy, needy mess, Jan broke the kiss and leaned his head against hers. His breath panting in ear.

“It has just occurred to me Sweetheart, that you have not been properly introduced to my brother. Sookie, I would like you to meet my brother Eric.”

With that, Eric’s lips attached to Sookie clit and Eric’s expert fingers thrust into her pussy finding the magic spot almost immediately. As Eric vibrated his fingers and sucked hard on her clit, Sookie threw back her head against Jan’s shoulder and screamed through her first orgasm of the morning.

As her brain slowly started to function again, Sookie realised something.

What was better than having one sweet, funny, caring, Nordic Sex God as a boyfriend?

Having two.



Here is a link to the contests page where you find the two other excellent stories 🙂


11 thoughts on “Meet My Brother

    • Thank you!
      I had fun writing this, and her hesitance to call him by a girls name lol. This one has spun out into novel size in my head, and eventually introduces Alcide 😉 But then again I wrote it to stand alone for the competition. Which was fun. And I Loved the other two stories!

  1. I remember reading this a while ago and couldn’t remember where. I really enjoyed it then and still do!! Thanks for sharing and I can’t wait to see what else you’ve got up your sleeve!

    • Woohoo! thanks for the review.
      I’m currently studying (again – after a 20yr break) and I’ve had to put fanfic on the back burner…. Including reading!!
      queue the hysterical sobbing

      One more month, and I’ll probably have a few things I could try… I hope!

      By the way, was the Woohoo a bit much? A little eager? Maybe I need to sleep already??


    • Hugs sweety. You are a darling!
      I’m stuck in RL. Not getting much chance to read atm. So I’ve been medicating myself with tiny doses of Multi Verse. At least I can read 2 pages on kindle of Eric and I know it’s all good until I get back to him 🙂
      Thank you for the comments! You make my day 😘

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