TB/SVM Interview: kjwrit

The brilliant kjwrit is interviewed by the equally brilliant Kittyinaz.

And a couple of stories mentioned that I haven’t read yet. Extra bonus!

The Non-Canon Awards

So I got a surprise, kjwrit contacted me everyway she could find…

And she agreed to the interview!!!  I admit, I squealed, and when I got it back, I read it.  Yes, I am a fan like so many of you…  This is my way of getting to know my authors.

 Basic information.


Can you please tell the people reading this your name?


Where do you like to post, and can you give us the site of your preferred medium?

I started out on fanfiction.net and while I will continue to update any incomplete stories already posted over there, I’m choosing to post everything else exclusively on my wordpress site. Kjwrit.wordpress.com

What do you prefer, Tea or Coffee?

Coffee. Definitely coffee. Seriously, don’t come near me in the morning until I’ve had my coffee.

Unless it’s Nestea iced tea with lemon. Then it’s tea. Definitely tea.


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Writing Workshop: First Drafts Stop For No Woman!

Love this!
And it makes perfect sense too 🙂

One Lazy Robot

You all gave me some fantastic blogging ideas in the last post and I’m excited like a Kindergartner on the third day of school (once he’s gotten over his crippling fear of being away from Mommy, that is) to get to those topics. To give you all a glimpse of what is on the horizon in the weeks to come we’ll be chatting about body types in the media (specifically in comic books), how to organize/pre-plan your book, how to communicate with aliens, and how to write cyber-punk.

Today, however, we’re gonna get elbows deep into something that every writer, since the first Neanderthal picked up some charcoal and started scribbling Emu’s on his man-cave wall, has struggled with: Stopping.

writers block

Specifically the question posed to me was this: Do you ever feel like starting over from the beginning and diving into revisions with your manuscripts even when the story is not yet completed?

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We’re being social: TB/SVM Directory Notifications Pre-Launch!!!

Fang meets Fairy and other encounters

The future SVM/TB Directory: Fangbangers Anonymous is now on twitter and facebook and here’s why:

There’s one major drawback with WordPress and it’s this: it can for absolutely no discernible reason stop sending followers of a blog notifications of updates through email and/or the WP reader for an unknown period of time. Usually clicking unfollow and following again helps alleviate the problem or simply waiting it out while WP restores itself but you may not be aware you’re missing notifications in the meantime.

I have been hearing a lot of noises of complaints lately that this is happening again and since this was already a known grievance I have been experimenting with a workaround solution for the new TB/SVM Directory site so that we can provide notifications without arbitrary interruption. Launch of that solution was scheduled to coincide with the actual site but since it appears so difficult to get all…

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