A story place holder ;)

I have been inspired. The following link will lead you to the story that inspired me.

As I have horrid memory,  I felt it important to make sure I can properly give due credit if/when this story makes it’s way from my head to the screen.

VictoryInTroble – Unexpected.

The wonderful VictoryInTroble has already given me permission to ‘write away’ , which kinda had my muse blabbering in excitement like the crazy woman I am lol.

Not sure if I’m going to use the history from Unexpected,  but it’s not going to have the immediate HEA either. Angst!

My muse has such freaking stubborn Sookie and Erics that I need to corral into order lol.

Anyways,  I’ll update you if I get something to my wonderful and busy beta for you to look forward to.

And thankyou to t6james for putting your hand up!

Hmmm…. Can’t end a post without some yumminess can I?


See you soon?
Take Care and Have Fun everyone!