LMAO, I I love my wordpress app!

Hehe. So here I was thinking that I was replying to some one… When I was apparently creating my own blog post!

Hehe. The last post was about shopping trolley ettiquette 🙂

And here is some skarsporn, just cos 🙂







And here I was thinking there was a fire at work. Hope your achy body can enjoy a nice warm bubbly bath when you get home 🙂

Grrr, and (like cars) just because you can stop and talk to your friend coming the other way, doesn’t mean you should! We do not have that fun lever that the night bus in Harry Potter, so we can’t make our trolleys (or cars) skinny to get through, you inconsiderate… starts rant/mumbling… Ok, yeah.. Touchy subject for me too. I’m definitely thinking of you!