A fantastic victory. Pity ff couldn’t reinstate Harley ‘ stories, but Yay for the perpetrator being gone 🙂

I’m so excited to have a new writer to read 🙂

Harley's Thought's

Thank you everyone! Thanks to my readers, friends, and readers of my friends. That’s a mouthful btw! EricBella27 her stories have been deleted! We all know I’m not getting my stories back or reviews. This is as good as it gets! I will say due to this horrible experience. I no longer have the will to post to Fanfiction. I will let my readers know what’s going on from time to time. But if you want to read my stories, you will have to read them at the following sites…


http://betterintexasfiction.ning.com/members/DrHarleenFrancesQuinzel (To be up by next week sometime I hope)

http://www.twcslibrary.net/viewuser.php?action=storiesby&uid=122107 (Currently in progress)

I’m very sorry to my followers/readers from Fanfiction.net. This is NOT to punish you. But I feel like I cannot have free reign there. As well as I feel this wasn’t handled correctly. There were better means in which the admins could have handled this.


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A Call to Arms

Maturity seems to not be a prerequisite for ff.
I’m of to go read a new author (to me) and leave lots of reviews! !

Fanfiction by Bertie Bott

So ironic that I am actually making a call to arms after having a chapter titled exactly that…

This post is regarding a very sad and shameful state of affairs. You’ll recall that in September I was a victim of plagiarism, along with Kittyinaz, Cuinawen and Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel (Harley). After a whole childish and tangled mess, including abusive pm’s and nasty messages about me and Harley left on her profile page, the thief (BellaEric27) removed the stories to be re-worked. The ladies and I were, not happy exactly, but satisfied. Content to move forward.

BellaEric27, however, was not.

Even with us ignoring her slandering of us in other groups on facebook… ignoring the distasteful notes STILL up on her profile page… BellaEric27 decided to verbally attack Harley through fanfiction.net pm’s. Of the 7 messages received, all on the same day, two are accounts she has listed on her…

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True Blood DVD Release & behind the scenes clips

I want to be able to find these clips when I want to eventually look at them.

Thanks for putting the together ESL.

I have S1-4 in a box set. Now I’m wondering if that is where I’ll stop. I’been holding off some s5 finished, to see how I felt about s6. ..

Anyways. These should provide yummy Alex moments.



It wouldn’t be right for us not to mark the final True Blood DVD releases coming next week, we’ve managed to hold on through everything else life in this fandom has thrown at us, and this will surely be the last time there will be anything new to report regarding our Viking Vampire God, Eric Northman.

Vanity Fair and EW have got in on the Blu-ray promotion by posting a couple of short clips from behind the scenes on the final days of the show. For someone like me who is still in denial about Eric having left us forever, they aren’t particularly enjoyable viewing but I guess in time I’ll find them nostalgic. And both briefly feature Alexander Skarsgard. Firstly there is “Tricks of the Trade”

And secondly a look at some of the final wraps. It’s cruelly ironic that Alex’s last scene on set was with Anna, a scene which ended with Eric and Sookie…

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Story Recs

A brilliant post to Archive on my site 🙂

Have read a lot of these wonderful writers, but I’m happy to see a couple of new names to investigate 🙂

Fanfiction by Bertie Bott

This is just a quick post featuring my go-to blogs for when I feel like procrastinating and want to read instead of write…

All of the stories featured on these blogs are amazing so I won’t waste your time going through all of them – in that respect, I suppose this is more of an author rec 😉

I’ll be adding to this periodically… and I’ll get around to adding some details and making it more pretty…

In no particular order:

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Eternal Glory! Or Some Such Nonsense…

A whole collection of fin stories to scare me silly? Why wouldn’t i repost so that I can fond this again, and again, and again 😉

Congrats everyone!

Fanfiction by Bertie Bott

The tasks…

  1. Actually sit down, focus and write something – much harder than most would assume!
  2. Suffer in silence, unable to reveal which story is yours…
  3. Put up with Bertie’s teasing and terrible puns – a truly remarkable feat should you survive!

In that respect, I declare all of the contestants winners in their own right, though as in Highlander, there can be only one! Or in this case, three – three writers that I will announce who have placed. Before I do this, I feel compelled to share just how close this race was… Truly, I know I’ve been saying it, but our first and second place winners were separated by a mere TWO votes! There was nearly a tie for third place as well. Because of this, I considered doing honorable mentions until I realized just about ALL of the entries would be one, lol! For sure, all…

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