Skarsporn Alert: He’s Pretty, and he makes me laugh :)

Found two amusing Eric news pieces this week by chance…

One, I think, was on Meridian’s Post (the first one). Thanks beautiful for the link!

Sex-booboo on Tarzan

Pants less at MTV

And now for some nice pics 🙂

Ok, the picture aren’t arranged very prettily, but… *sigh*


Some tips for the new blogger

I’m enjoying this blogger. He is refreshingly honest. Just like this piece of advice 😉

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Write it strong. When I say this it doesn’t mean you have to be a strong writer. I believe that will come in time. What I mean is let the strength of your personality show through your blog. Write the way you speak. I believe writing with your own voice comes across best, and gives […]

Two people to keep out your life; and two to keep in.

This is reblogged because I want to be able to find it again.

I don’t agree with everything in it, but that’s the beauty of being human, of living and learning. We don’t have to completely agree with everyone around us, but we can usually find wisdom in others journeys.

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In your brief history in this life you will come across many types of people. Ultimately the choice is yours on who you make a part of your life. Some people will utterly waste your time, and some will enrich your life–make you full to bursting. That is how you want your heart–full to bursting. […]