Woohoo – I have 2 whole stories to go in here.

Ok, they are both one-shots…. And neither new, but thanks to the wonderful t6james6 I now have Queen Interrupted from FFnet here… much prettier 😀


broken crown


Story Outline:

Rated: T – English – Romance/General

Published: 05-04-13 on fanfic

Words: 1873

Chapters: 1


Summary: A one shot HEA for Sookie and Eric. Sookie has spent 12 months getting ready for tonight. Tonight is the night she reclaims Eric away from Freyda! Interrupting Freyda when she thinks she has won, is going to be very satisfying!


This is the A/N I wrote the day I released this stroy on  It was before DEA was released, although I think it may have been after the spoilers (which I studiously avoided as much as possible) :

I have guessed for a long time that we would not get a HEA for my fave couple, but I felt like writing this today and kinda just went with it. Just a one shot. Don’t have any plans to continue at the moment, but may come back to it eventually.

Like Meet My Brother below, it continues to be a oneshot…. for now 😉

Use the picture above, or the story title to link you to the story page. Have fun!


TwinSkars - MMB1_Fotor

(hopefully the picture links to the story, if not, the link is at the end)

Meet My Brother


It was a story generated by the wonderful Kelpie –

Hmm, please forgive my messiness. I’m still getting used to this baby 🙂

This is where the wonderful Kelpie let us all out of our misery and gave us the results:

I came 2nd???? Thankyou everyone that voted for me! I am very suprised. I love all of MistressJessicas Stories! as well as Kityinaz 🙂 And I definitely look forward to reading more from their entries (along with everything else they write)!

Story Outline:

Rated M for Lemons

Words: 6199

Chapters: 1

All Human

Sookie meets and flirts with the man of her dream for months. When he asks her out, she gets cold feet before taking their night further. For their second date, Sookie is determined to woo her new guy, and get over the fact that he has a girls name.


Meet My Brother Story Page



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