Mythical Creatures Contest Announced!

Oh WordPress, why do you update your app? Now I can’t find the re-blog button 😦

Sounds like fun! My study deadline is feb 15 so I’ll have a couple of days to celebrate the end of studying by writing!
And all of these judges are wonderful people, even more so that they are considering adding another day to our calendar just for the contest! Feb 31st? 😜😘

Hope to see a heap of entries. I’ll be looking forward to extra reading time!

ABOUT CONTEST Dragons, Djinn and so on. Mythical Creatures are often misunderstood, brushed aside. Now it’s their turn to be in the light, Werewolves, Sirens and Mermaids, Oh My! All Entries will be posted on the Non-Canon’s Fanfiction Page: Judges TheDarkestFallingStar – Secret Keeper CloeMarrie Kittyinaz BertieBott CONTEST RULES – All submissions must be […]


I needed a smile today and Alex delivered

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Wonderful pics and very yummy Alex tumbler!
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