Alexander Skarsgard talks to “Vulture”

Awesome interview with Alex Skarsgard.
Tarzan, True Blood, The Giver and what next 🙂



Alexnader Skarsgard has given an interview to Vulture and here it is:

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Kjwrit said it perfectly.
I’m just going to add one thing. I’ve already seen people sharing their religious beliefs over whether or not people have the right to say R.I.P. considering how he died. I say


Rest In Peace Robin Williams.

I hope you find a nice happy cloud to laugh at the hilarity of the human race (including the faces and sounds we make during sex – if you haven’t seen that stand up, it’s hilarious).

Now I’m going to see if I can find some Mork.
Thanks for letting me steal your past Kjwrit. Seems I found some words

Na-noo Na-noo. Out

Kjwrit Fanfiction


Normally I’m not one to get all verklempt over the death of a celebrity, but this time…

Yeah. I am.

I’m old enough to remember his Mork and Mindy days. I probably wasn’t old enough at the time, but that didn’t stop me from watching a few of his comedy routines that had me laughing until tears streamed down my face.

Dead Poets Society had me wanting to run out and Seize the day!

Or at the very least, get Carpe Diem tattooed somewhere on my body.

I never got around to that.

But rather than focus on the how or the why he’s gone, I thought I would share a thought that struck me, while watching all of the loving tributes for this very deserving man.

 Robin Williams was an active supporter of our men and women in uniform, often traveling around the world to entertain the troops. During…

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I came Second?


I came 2nd in the TwinSkars competition?!?!?!?!?!


That’s… Just…. Crazy and Awesome!

Thankyou everyone that voted for me 🙂


Seriously, Thankyou!

And just in case you haven’t read the other two stories, then I’ll Link you to to Kelpies Twinskars page so you can give them  a go.  They are both absolutely wonderful and I’m looking forward to reading more of them…. Which explains my Wowzers !

Sooooo…. What about me?

Well I’m glad you asked.

As you can see I am a huge novice on this wordpress thing. But even if it is ugly, I’m pretty sure the links work 🙂 And I’m trying to make up for it with prettiness lol.

I’ve made new pages!

‘FanFiction’ Header Page – where you will find the link to all my stories, when I post them:

‘Meet My Brother’  Story Page. Where a slightly better edited version of my story lives.

Maybe this link will work and take you to the story page? Try the pic – we can only hope lol

TwinSkars - MMB1_Fotor


As you can see, I’m not a prolific writer 🙂 I have a few stories on the go in my computer, even more in my head. I’m wondering if there would be someone willing to give me a hand to have a last minute go over for anything I am ready to post. I’m only posting things if the story is either a one-shot, or I have all-but finished the whole.

That’s why I deliberately wrote my entry as a one-shot – in case I don’t get to it…. Although I have already started on a new chapter lol.

Please email me if you are willing and able to give a hand 🙂

Thankyou again everyone!


HEA Contest!

Sounds like a fantastic contest.
Definitely something to keep an eye on 🙂


Eric & Sookie Contest

The first time I saw this picture, I thought it was a great picture to inspire a contest because we all know that True Blood is going to fuck us over and not give us the HEA that we all want for Sookie and Eric.  So here I am starting my own contest. See below for the rules.

Rules for all contests:

1. All stories must be anonymous. Anyone found telling what they wrote will be disqualified from winning.

2. No posting on your own site until the contest is done and the voting is over.

3. Must be at least 500 words. Past that, it’s up to you. It can be a new one shot or the start of a multi-chapter story, but let me know what you plan.

4. All stories must end with a happy ending for Eric and Sookie.

5. If explicit, you need to warn people in…

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Voting time!

Lots of new Stories!



Yes!! We are finally done making banners and looking over the stories, and the polls are set.  If you voted before, they didn’t count since not all the stories were listed on it.  So we are starting with today, and you have until midnight on the 15th of August for your vote.  We are doing one vote per IP address, so make your decisions carefully.

If you leave comments on the reviews (which are more than welcome!) you will not receive any answers until after the contest ends.  Authors are highly encouraged to read the reviews.

One of the stories in here called,  Final Strand  was given anonymously, and only if the author wishes to step forward will it be told who did it.  But this one is dedicated to the late EricIzMine who had a birthday last month.  I am just honored that one of my pictures inspired this fic…

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Kristen Alley – Reading Order

I have rediscovered a wonderful writer.

Her name is Kristen Ashley.


A BlogPost that describes Kristen Ashley books and a reading order.


The above link is a bit old, but definitely a good start.

Her books have very Alpha males.

As you know, I post a lot of things mainly so that I can revisit my favorite things 🙂 But I hope you can enjoy it as well!

I’ve read all the Rock Chicks and Dream Man series. I was initially wary of paying over $3 for one ebook, however, they are full length books. I have been slowly buying them all =D



Let The Voting Commence

Keeping Track of these awesome stories.
Double Skars? heck yeah!

Kelpie's Korner

That’s right, it’s time. I have 3 awesome entries for you to review. 🙂


There are 2 that are the first chapters of stories that will eventually (probably) continue and one is a one shot all on it’s own.

You can find all the info AND the poll to vote on the TwinSkars contest page. You can vote as many times as you’d like, BUT you can’t see the results…I’m sneaky like that. Voting will close at noon on Saturday (8.9.14) since I’m late posting this. So holler it from the rooftops and let’s get those votes in. 🙂

And-just for convenience sake-here’s the links to the individual entries.

Meet My Brother
More Than Meets the Eye
Never Changing Who I Am

Happy voting!!!

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