Giving a cat it’s pill :)

Saw this on a post today and had to share.

Hope it makes you laugh!

Man Posts Hilarious Account Of What It’s Like To Give A Cat A Pill. This Is So True It Hurts.

I do love cats. But this is very true. Especially the last line!



13 thoughts on “Giving a cat it’s pill :)

  1. As one owned by cats her entire life, yup. 😂 I go for liquid meds whenever possible for that exact reason – they’re easier to wash off…

  2. LMAO…
    Yes people it is that bad. My way to get the cat to take a pill; pay the vet to do it. I don’t have enough appendages left to go through that war again. And the cats like me!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. Lol this is why I crush tablet and mix it in a small amount of there favourite cat meat. I have 3 cats and whenever there on meds it’s always twice a day and I haven’t got the time to muck around trying to shove it down their throats.

    • Ahh, crushed 🙂 my old cat refused to eat food with crushed tablets lol. Finicky little dear lol.
      3 cats! Definitely not enough time to do this whole things 3 times over 🙂

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