Queen Interrupted posted from fanfic

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Woohoo Everyone!

The wonderful t6james6 has helped me beta my already published story Queen Interrupted.

Eric in a tux is quite apt for this one…. and slightly pissed looking, although I kinda see him as bored in my story. Until he sees Sookie 😉

So If you haven’t already ready read Queen Interrupted on FanFic, then I hope you enjoy 🙂 And maybe leave me some love?? Maybe Maybe?

broken crownclick the broken crown to go see Freyda get a suprise!

And yes, yes… Its all very simple. I have forgotten everything I already taught myself about wordpress LMAO. And Banners and me? I don’t even have a photo editting prog on this comp (when my comps die, its always the last thing to come back on…  if it makes it on at all). Even when I did have editors? Still no idea. Eventually that will be my next project to conquer =D

Hugs Everyone!



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