Eternal Glory! Or Some Such Nonsense…

A whole collection of fin stories to scare me silly? Why wouldn’t i repost so that I can fond this again, and again, and again 😉

Congrats everyone!

Fanfiction by Bertie Bott

The tasks…

  1. Actually sit down, focus and write something – much harder than most would assume!
  2. Suffer in silence, unable to reveal which story is yours…
  3. Put up with Bertie’s teasing and terrible puns – a truly remarkable feat should you survive!

In that respect, I declare all of the contestants winners in their own right, though as in Highlander, there can be only one! Or in this case, three – three writers that I will announce who have placed. Before I do this, I feel compelled to share just how close this race was… Truly, I know I’ve been saying it, but our first and second place winners were separated by a mere TWO votes! There was nearly a tie for third place as well. Because of this, I considered doing honorable mentions until I realized just about ALL of the entries would be one, lol! For sure, all…

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