Support our dearest Ficlit78

We’ve all heard what has gone down.

And everyone has righteously agreed that this is CRAP



My first thought was:


Which I think was pretty universal. Then…


Thinking girl

And this is what I came up with. I have hit the Amazon site and voted ‘Helpful’ to every Plagiarism alert review. I also made my own (under my amazon name).

If this is something you feel comfortable doing, even if it’s just to vote, then feel free to follow these links:

Book 1 Amazon Review Page

Book 2 Amazon Review Page

Book 3 Amazon Review Page

Book 4 Amazon Review Page

And now for something pretty to help you feel better


Dang, that makes me sad….

Ok, when all else fails… some tried and true Skarsporn.

ASkars cheeky ASkars_Chin


And my fave… I still want to be this pillow!



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