Too cute not to share!

OK, I have a sparkly new phone. It’s a Samsung Galaxy Note 3…. I know, I know, so cliché right? Especially when my main phone is an iPhone. Don’t ask why I need two. But considering I do, I figured I should enjoy them both right? Right?  And hey I did wait for the price to drop, so Yay me! But I digress.

See, my shiny new phone has no pretty pictures. So I went browsing, and found something that made me go awwwww.


A young ASkars!
From this site

I know there is a prettier way of doing a link, but my mind is too mush over the above cuteness.

And now I’m here, I may as well share some of the other pretties I just loaded onto my spiffy phone 🙂



And just sayin’, he can lean on my pillow Any day!
Have fun everyone!


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