Who is the top TV Vampire?

A brilliantly done little short… So yummy!


Hello all!  It is Robin posting today!  I am posting a video for everyone to enjoy.  At least I hope you enjoy it.


This challenge started with a simple video link entitled Top 10 TV Vampires that Wendy dropped into our Facebook group.  (If you are not a member you should request membership and join us in all the shenanigans we get into click the link on the right!)  But believe me you don’t want to watch the video Wendy found.  It is 10 minutes you will never get back.  This video required some people to use Brain bleach as it posted vampires such as The Count (yes, off Sesame Street), Marceline from Adventure time and then Bill was listed as the top 10 HOT vampires.  But I get off topic.  So the rants began.  We took a vote of our own and the video below is what we have…

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